After many months preparing, Chris and I finally got Klingon-married at Trek Trax Atlanta. It was an unforgettable experience. I do not know how to express how much fun we had and how meaningful, though not our legal and binding Earth wedding, it was to have so many people work so hard to make our wedding an exciting event for everyone in attendance.

A few important people must be thanked before I get on to the pictures and descriptions for those who did not attend. If the content of the ceremony is unfamiliar, please see Worf and Dax’s wedding from Deep Space Nine. For more pictures of our wedding and Trek Trax in general, see the galleries on the House Koloth website.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the wedding and the reception, but especially the following:

Trek Trax founder Eric Watts and his staff without whom there would be no convention.

Our Tawi’yan Alex who is an ever faithful friend. My lovely human parents-in-law Marion & Sandi – not Trek fans – and brother-in-law Eric for making the trip to be with us on our big day.

Theresa Parker aka Mistress Koloth, Klingon wedding planner.

Our convention guests who participated in the ceremony: Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen officiated, David Orange aka “The Sleepy Klingon” from Star Trek VI gave a toast in Klingon, il Troubadore played blood-stirring Klingon music, Jillanna Babb and her belly dancers done up in their best Orion slave girl green.

All those warriors who made up the bat’leth arch, and those who vouched for our honor. Connie and Illya Allman for the Romulan Ale. It was much enjoyed. All those who enjoyed the Romulan Ale and other refreshments at the reception.

If I have failed to mention anyone who played a role in the event, I apologize. It was all a blur of utter happiness to have so many people involved. I love our fandom friends and family so very much. While this wedding is only legal in the Empire, nothing we could plan for our Earth wedding and reception will compare.

Now, a selection of photos:

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On March 28th, Chris and I flew to Seattle to visit my family and go to Emerald City Comicon. It was a great trip and, like all vacations, it was too short yet wonderful to get home at the end.

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, so I swiped a few from Chris for this post.

First, Chris at the Con with my folks. This was, remember, the meet-the-parents, plus my brother and sis-in-law, trip. Being well over a year into our relationship, it’s a little different than me meeting his parents a few weeks after we started dating. Not less scary, I don’t think, but different. The family, of course, loved him, because he’s awesome.

Celebrity guests are an important part of the convention experience and being a short hop from L.A. helps ECCC get really great guests for a midsized convention. We decided to go – hell or high water – when George Takei was announced as a guest. His autograph was priority number one for the convention. We roped Mom & Dad into going through the line to get one since we were tasked with getting one for Alex who wanted his signed “I love sweaty basketball players” referencing this video. Chris was the only one of our party brave enough to ask Mr. Takei for the unusual personalization. And it was awesome. Mr. Takei laughed, his beautiful deep belly laugh. It was the kind of moment getting autographs is all about for as much as the signed 8×10 is a treasure, the story the interaction is the real reason we’ll wait in line for a couple hours and call it all fun.

Our other celebrity encounters were Adam Baldwin, Christopher Judge, Jason Momoa, Summer Glau, Jhonen Vasquez, and Tara Strong.

Tara Strong was out of things to sign, so she allowed fans to take pictures. If you don’t recognize her name, you wouldn’t recognize her face. She’s the voice talent extraordinaire behind tons of iconic cartoons. The Power Puff Girls’ Bubbles and Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are the two characters which make me a Tara fan-girl forever. She was genuinely nice to the little group of Bronies in front of us. Not that I’m a Brony or anything.

Chris could have spent the entire three day convention down in the gaming area where they’d set up a handful of vintage arcade games on free play.

One of the things ECCC does better than any con I’ve attended so far is vendor space and variety. I picked up several items including this fellow.


Any Harry Potter fan loves Hagrid. He has special meaning for me as we’re working on a Hagrid costume for Chris. I’ve wanted the Lego minifig for a while, but I couldn’t justify buying the whole playset. He’s adorable, ain’t he?

Oh, and the best souvenir:

Pretty much everyone knows by know Chris proposed at the convention. More than a few knew before it happened. It was perfect; my home city with my folks there and at a convention. I was surprised, at the timing not the question, which meant a lot to Chris and made the experience a lot more special than I could have imagined. I’m ridiculously happy and, truth be told, getting a little choked up and butterflies inside thinking about it.