Muffuletta Pasta Salad

I know I’ve been an absentee blogger for a long time. Our podcast just recorded episode 31 in our living room. We are very proud of our progress in both sound quality and content. I would love if you’d check out The Nerdbliss Podcast and subscribe in your favorite podcast listening app.

I didn’t reemerge on the blog to plug a podcast. I wanted to share a food discovery that’s been a big hit in our house. So much so, I made the original test batch last Sunday and have made another batch today. It’s what I consider an un-recipe where ingredients, proportions and methods are all up for change. It’s more an idea on how to put foods together to make a meal.

Today’s culinary adventure is Muffalata Pasta Salad. For those who don’t know, Muffuletta is a sandwich made with olive salad and cured meats. The name Muffuletta comes from the bread it’s made on but “Olive Salad Pasta Salad” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Those who have followed Chris and I in our food journey over the last year know we limit added salt and oil (sugar, too) and this dish bucks the trend a bit. I’m indulging only a bit and Chris can tolerate more salt and a few extra fat calories than I can.

I used Banza Chickpea pasta, but any pasta would do. Perhaps even a hearty grain like quinoa or barley, but I haven’t tried it yet. Both my olive salad from That Pickle Guy and my Kalamata olives came from Costco.

I cooled my pasta, cut up some cucumber. I learned watching Good Eats that refrigerating tomatoes kills the flavor, so I added them on a per-serving basis. Onions would be good or shredded carrots or whatever you like. This week, I’m thawing some frozen kale to toss in for nutrition.

The final sexy shot. This was a bowl I made up for myself on Wednesday night after a long day. I’d added extra cucumber and some delicious little tomatoes, sliced in half for maximum ease of eating.

Happy eating!