Comment Policy

Hello friends, bloggers, and readers.

Taking a moment of your time to say something back is the best gift you can give a blogger.

A comment means not only are people finding my site and reading it, a miracle in itself in the vastness of the internet, but connected enough to what I wrote to respond.

Unfortunately, a comment policy is needed to prevent spam and trolling, so here it is: accepts comments from readers. Any comment relevant to post topic and meeting bounds of basic decency will be published. Abusive or vulgar comments will be deleted at the discretion of the blog owner.

All comments are moderated. The reason is twofold: Weeding out spam and inappropriate links and allow response to comments in a timely manor.

Links in comments must be for blogs or other personal websites. Any commercial links will be removed from legitimate comments before publication. Comments of “nice blog” or other such non-responsive comment with commercial links will be marked as spam and deleted.

Spam will not be tolerated. Keywords in the name field, commercial links in the URL or comment section, and gibberish comments are all spam. Relevant comments with spam links will be published with links removed.

Policy is valid from January 25, 2017