Earring Hanger

Some craft projects are quick and dirty. This is one of those projects. It is designed to fill a need rather than an aesthetic. For a while, I’ve needed a solution to keep my earrings handy. My little idea turned out just fine.

Why orange tulle? Clearance. I’d bought something like 10 yards – the remainder of a bolt – at Joann’s a long time ago. I’d wanted to experiment with the material without paying full price and hadn’t gotten down to using it yet. Still plenty for later.

I considered hand sewing, but ultimately used a zigzag machine stitch. Simple and quick. It would be possible to do a prettier version suitable for gifting, but for my fumbling in the dark to find accessories, it does nicely.

Anyone else have quickie craft solutions lurking in corners?


Author: Tina Louise

Nerd. Geek. Dork.

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