Saturday 9: I Saw the Light

1. Has something ever made you “see the light”? I hope everyone answers yes. I am, sad to say, often a hard study when it comes to anything important enough to qualify for a “see the light” experience. When a course correction is required, it is most often my subconscious and my body’s stress indicators that clue me in. I get anxious, suffer insomnia, digestive issues, headaches or menstruation troubles often before I am aware of problems. If I pay attention to the signals, I can take stock of my personal life, work situation, and other areas to figure out where I need to make changes before my health and sanity are impacted.

2. Do you believe you have any control over your luck? Yes and no. I hold both that hard work is the primary factor in success and that factors beyond a person’s control can make success more or less difficult. The main outside factor everyone contends with is upbringing. For better or for worse, our family situation is the foundation upon which we build our lives. The positive end of those outside factors is what we call “luck.” I feel like much of what looks like luck past childhood is closer to serendipity or at least it seems true in my life that much of my luck is happy accidents.

3. What is something you have had difficulty rising above? See answer number two. In all seriousness, I was diagnosed with CP in my left side around the time I started crawling. I went through all kinds of physical therapy and wearing leg braces or being in a cast to stretch my Achilles tendon. I had surgery when I was in kindergarten to lengthen that tendon and spent what seemed like forever in a cast from my toes to my butt. All this was going on while I was a military brat being regularly uprooted and I was small by genetics along with socially awkward.

4. Would you want to be rich? Heck yes! For me, being rich would mean no longer needing to trade my time for money. Since time is the one commodity it’s impossible to replace, the hours I spend doing things I wouldn’t do for free never feel like a fair trade.

5. Tell us about a current or old song that helps you “face the world.” Lately, I’ve found happiness and comfort in a couple tracks: Splendid by Professor Elemental and Art of the Dress (Trance remix) are two off the top of my head.

6. Has any dream of yours come true? More than one, but a fond one was my dream of attending science fiction or Star Trek conventions. It doesn’t seem so long ago that each year when the internet was abuzz with news from San Diego ComicCon, I would long to be there. At the time, I didn’t see attending as a realistic possibility for a handful of reasons. Now conventions are a regular part of my year and I love every second of the experience. Some of my favorite bits I didn’t even imagine before Chris took me to my first con, Trek Trax 2011. I adore my fandom friends, working on costumes, and even sharing hotel room with our little band of roommates. It’s all beautiful and exciting and exhausting.

7. What would you change if you became “the king or queen” of your country? I would enforce my number one fashion rule: Leggings are NOT pants. Same goes for “Jeggings” and any other “ggings” they invent. Either a long tunic top, dress or skirt must be worn over over them. I don’t care how thin or fit a women is, it’s unattractive to show off the intimate details of the anatomy through skin tight fabric. Frankly, I’d rather see a naked person walking around.

8. How do you feel about LGBT rights? I’m for marriage equality and any other equal protection under the law regardless of sexual orientation or any other criteria.

9. Have you ever been disappointed in yourself? Anyone who is remotely self-aware would have to answer yes to this question. I am most disappointed when I don’t follow through on things I want to do. Sometimes my expectations are too high. I find myself, for example, making a to-do list for my day off which is plum unrealistic and then I’m disappointed at the end of the night when I haven’t completed my tasks.

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