Nostalgic toy favorite: Barbie or Easy Bake Oven? Barbie. Duh. Only I don’t think of her as nostalgic, but as modern and as widely appealing as can be. Mattel is genius for making playsets for toddlers all the way up through retirees who can’t resit Lucy or Tippi Hendren. I’ve always been a Barbie girl. Always will be.

Never going anywhere or Never settling down? Tough question. I haven’t lived a very settled live thus far, but I am perfectly willing to settle down. On the other hand, I’ve moved more times in my lifetime than I’ve taken actual vacations. In the last year, I’ve made headway in correcting the imbalance and it’s awesome. I’d hate to give up travel just to live in one area forever. So, I guess if I’m picking, never settling down would suit me better than never going anywhere.

Peanuts or Cashews? Cashews. Unsalted, please. Oddly, I live on peanut butter, but am not crazy about peanuts.

Musical movie: Pete’s Dragon or The Sound of Music? Pete’s Dragon. It has a dragon, for goodness sake. And it takes place in Mom’s home state of Maine, so hearing that is a real place made it extra cool.

Tattoo location: Wrist or Lower back? Wrist. If I were to ever get ink, I’d go with a place with a low risk of distortion with the aging process. I’ve considered getting an IDIC at the very top of my back, but enough below my neck to be easily covered with a shirt.

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