Podcasting, Reluctantly: Nerdblisspod.com

What happens when a negligent blogger and an aspiring voice over artist marry? It’s only a matter of time before a podcast develops…

Chris asked for the loan of the Nerdbliss name and I, after some contemplation, I agreed. The podcast lives at nerdblisspod.com. Our 7th is up, posting every Friday. Chris and I are joined by our co-hosts Eric, Alex, and Dave as well as guests. I say I’m the reluctant on-air talent, but I seem to be doing just fine.

The goal of the show is to talk about both traditionally nerd and geek topics as well as branching out into topics we or our guests might geek out over. I’m excited to see how the show evolves.

Feel free to check out the show! Leave a comment on the show and let us know you are listening.

Author: Tina Louise

Nerd. Geek. Dork.

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