Here is yet another Self Portrait Sunday featuring a sewing project. This one isn’t for the Klingon wedding and took around an hour, start to finish. I’ve got one item left to make before the big event, but I’m taking a break since I wouldn’t finish before our trip to Seattle. Plus, I need some things I can wear to work and buying another pair of khaki pants which don’t last isn’t on my agenda. Frankly, anyone who’s thighs rub together knows what I’m talking about: it doesn’t take long to get holes on the inner part of the pants. Plus, I’m happier in skirts.

I spent some time this week searching for revamp and refashion ideas to turn existing items into something new, then hit the clearance section of Goodwill yesterday for cheap pieces to cut, seam rip and resew.

On this one, I skipped the “before” shot. It was a basic men’s Nike sweatshirt and I got it for a buck. I used an idea I found for a 30 second shirt and it worked like a charm. I added elastic at the waist since I’m going to wear it at work, but with the costume cut to fit waist hole, you don’t have to add elastic.

Please ignore the fact I didn’t publish my “Sunday” portrait until Monday. I’d typed it up and planned to come back and publish before bed, yeah, not so much.

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