Here is yet another Self Portrait Sunday featuring a sewing project. This one isn’t for the Klingon wedding and took around an hour, start to finish. I’ve got one item left to make before the big event, but I’m taking a break since I wouldn’t finish before our trip to Seattle. Plus, I need some things I can wear to work and buying another pair of khaki pants which don’t last isn’t on my agenda. Frankly, anyone who’s thighs rub together knows what I’m talking about: it doesn’t take long to get holes on the inner part of the pants. Plus, I’m happier in skirts.

I spent some time this week searching for revamp and refashion ideas to turn existing items into something new, then hit the clearance section of Goodwill yesterday for cheap pieces to cut, seam rip and resew.

On this one, I skipped the “before” shot. It was a basic men’s Nike sweatshirt and I got it for a buck. I used an idea I found for a 30 second shirt and it worked like a charm. I added elastic at the waist since I’m going to wear it at work, but with the costume cut to fit waist hole, you don’t have to add elastic.

Please ignore the fact I didn’t publish my “Sunday” portrait until Monday. I’d typed it up and planned to come back and publish before bed, yeah, not so much.


Forgive any formating weirdness on today’s SPS. I’ve just now downloaded the WordPress app for my spiffy new Andriod phone. I’m hoping having easy access to my blog on the go will allow me to use those little moments of down time to post or at least open drafts when I have a brillant post idea.

Today, I’m at work earlier than I have to be. Such is life without a car of my own. It doesn’t happen often and if I use the time to read or write, I’m perfectly happy to spend a few hours in the breakroom, drinking coffee.

My portrait is yet another Klingon wedding project photo. This time, the sash is for our friend Alex, who’ll be serving as a sort of best man. There is a Klingon word for it, but as I’m not at the computer, I won’t trouble with looking it up now. Maybe blogging from my phone is the best idea ever. Fewer distractions and more typing away.

The sash took more effort and thought than it looked like. I’ve got a layer of interfacing and a layer of muslin between the satin front and cotton liner. I first sewed the interfacing to the lining and the muslin to the satin so I only had two pieces of fabric to handle. Then I sewed the wrong sides together, creating tubes, turned them right side out, before sewing the front and back together. In writing that out, I wish I’d taken pictures of the process. Ah, well. There will be other sashes, no doubt. Klingons are big on honor sashs.


Got to admit, I didn’t notice until I uploaded this week’s self portrait just now that it sort of looks like I’m not wearing anything. Oops. As it happens, I’m down to a tank top, post work and before a light yoga session.

I am tired tonight. Pretty obvious, no?

My subconscious has decided to deal with stress by producing the kind of dreams you don’t have to be Freud to understand. Two nights in a row, I’ve had vivid dreams about specific stresses. I seldom remember dreams, so this kind of thing rattles me. I can’t even say the worries involved are at the forefront of my mind. It’s more the “same shit, different day” type of garbage one collects over a lifetime.

Can’t wait to go to bed in a few hours and see what the old brain has in store for tonight’s entertainment.


Chris snapped my Self Portrait Sunday picture for me last night when we got home from an evening out with Alex. We’d hit the local comic book and game shop for them to play Star Trek Heroclix . I don’t care for strategy based games, but I do love tiny starships and the company of geeks, so it all works out. Afterwards, we picked up Alex’s sister, Lucy, and their mom to go out to dinner. A good time was had by all.

I’m not getting all deep with my SPS with a title like “Layers” or at least not tonight. My outfit yesterday brought to mind an article I read on Cracked a while back, The 7 Most Baffling Things About Women’s Clothes. As per usual, the piece is dead on. Thing point I held on to the most is who clothes are deliberately designed in such a way to require layering. Be it see through fabric or cuts which would reveal even the most discreet strapless bra. “Bra showing” isn’t a look I’m willing to condone.

The layering trend is has gotten to the point where it’s unavoidable. It’s even worse for girls with boobs. The dress I wore would be fine without anything under it on a someone with a smaller chest. I even wore it once like that not realizing how badly it would shift over the evening. Earlier in the week, I found the perfect printed tank-top on clearance and thought, at least if they’ve got me trapping into buying a second piece of clothing to wear with my dress, I spent less than $3 on it. I think I got the dress for $6, so overall a great deal. It’s cold enough out that tights are a must. The sweater is many years old and from Torrid. I was pleased with the look and might try more tanks and camis in the future. Darn fashion industry.


First, I freaking love dresses. It’s no more effort to wear something people assume is fancy. My collection is growing and I have no intention of stopping. Clearance racks are my friends.

I got this sweater dress before Christmas at Ross. The ruffle at the neck line makes me happy. The color is unusual and flattering. It’s warm and comfortable. Sleeves and a modest length made it an obvious choice for today since we’ve getting winter temperatures for the first time in a long time. I picked up the belt and new tights a few days ago. While you can’t see them in the small version of the picture but if you click to enlarge you can see the tights have polka dots. I love polka dots. I didn’t used to like belts for decorative purposes, but I now own three, plus the one I wear with khakis for practical purposes. With something solid like this dress, it feels like I need something to break up the solid block of color, but I am ever vigilant not to break too many visual lines thus making myself appear shorter.

Before I spend to much more time rambling about my all important fashion life, let me tell you about my day.
Finding I had a rare Sunday free and clear from work-type obligations, I’d made plans with Chris‘ parents since I hadn’t seen them in a while. I tagged along to the evening service and Valentine social at their church. Pro tip: Southern Baptists know how to throw a pot luck. “Not a full dinner” was an abundant feast. I think there were four kinds of meatballs and lots of other goodies. My lovely practically-mother-in-law, Sandi, organized a version of The Newlywed Game which she renamed Trulyweds since they didn’t have anyone newly married to pick on. Maybe I’m biased, but the questions she wrote were clever and creative, not to mention in the style of the old game show. It was a hit and all the participants had fun. I had fun and got my parental unit time in, always important, and a reasonable excuse for not having the mock up for my dress done for today’s self portrait as intended. There’s always tomorrow.