Tomorrow, I take an important step in expanding my credibility as a geek.

No, I’m not getting the IDIC tattoo I’ve (half) joked about for years.

I’m attending my first convention. Even better, it’s a Star Trek convention. Best of all, I’m going with my favorite Klingon. Chris had offered for me to go and share accommodations for TrekTrax long before we were dating. In fact, we talked about it our first in person meeting which happened to take place the Thursday after Dragon*Con. Like Thanksgiving, we intend to mark the occasion on that Thursday each year regardless of the date. He seemed so nervous the pictures he showed me of his Klingon costume would scare me off.  On the contrary, I was suffering con-envy (valid medical condition) and was genuinely impressed with the work he’d obviously put into the costume. I was, after all, the girl who made a point to visit Captain Kirk’s chair before leaving Seattle.

It seems a little silly posting the night before a bit event, but I’m doing it anyway. For one thing, I haven’t been the most faithful of bloggers. It’s not advised to point out absences, but I’ve been pitiful. Oops. Be on the lookout for stories and pictures from the convention. If I’m a good little blogger, I might even post from the hotel, but I wouldn’t advise anyone hold their breath.

I’m oddly nervous. I don’t know how normal it is to have nervousness along with excitement for a new adventure, but I’ve always experienced even the happiest of events with the odd mixture of feelings. With this, I suspect it’s partly because I want to love the convention experience and partly because I don’t really know what to expect. That is, besides unadulterated awesomeness and a hotel full of people who don’t think my obsessions are weird. If I went back in time and told my fifteen year old self about it, she’d laugh and go back to reading Issac Asimov. Yes, Tina, there is a community of people like you. They are called “geeks” and you’ll fit right in.

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