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Just when I convince myself I’m not obsessed with pastel equines, I come upon something outs me (to myself) as a complete and utter Brony. I reject the term Pegasister as it sounds stupid.

Now, as I type this, I realize how crazy it sounds to say I sometimes doubt the depth of my Brony fandom only to follow it up with this:

Chris and I picked up a few necessities at Walmart last night. As we typically do, once we’d gotten our milk, chocolate and fresh berries, we headed over to the toy aisle to check for MLP goodies. Specifically, I’ve been after the “blind bags” as Rarity has indeed proved to be a rarity. I love the 2″ figures for their overall cuteness, plus they don’t eat much. Does that make me a hardcore Brony?

Often amused by the more kid-friendly toys, I always scan the whole area for new MLP products. The “Baby doll” versions are especially whimsical, if you ask me. I even saw a teach-baby-Pinkie-to-walk doll once which totally ignores the fact ponies walk on four legs and equines naturally stand and walk soon after birth. Silly, but if I was six or seven, I would so want one.

Last night when my eyes landed on the bottom shelf, I did this:


I wish I could claim to be exaggerating.

Naturally, I snatched up the very last Walmart Exclusive Pinky Pie Plush. She was the very last one and nothing indicated if the display box contained a plethora of partying Pinkies or various characters. She didn’t leave my sight until I got her home. I contained my impulse to remove her tag long enough to take a documenting photo to submit my find to Equestria Daily in hopes of being featured in one of their “Random Merch” roundups. I subscribe to the premier Brony news blog in Google reader. Does that make me a hardcore Brony?

Pinkie Pie is now living happily on my sofa, shooting off her party canon as we speak and frolicking with the smaller plastic ponies. I can’t help but smile, smile, smile at the thought. That, it seems, would make a hardcore Brony.

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