Irons are for Crafts

Who knew I could iron?

Wash and wear fabrics populate my wardrobe for a reason.

Laziness or efficiency? Could go either way

The iron, however, has gotten a workout lately with all the sewing projects going down in our house. Yesterday, Chris snapped a few “action shots” for my Sunday Self Portrait while we worked on our costumes for the Klingon wedding. I didn’t know until I began research for this project – first people-sized clothes I’ve made – that it is necessary to iron the pattern pieces. With doll clothes, especially Barbie sized, smoothing by hand works just fine. For anything larger, wrinkles mean measurements come out wrong in the final product. The ironing of pattern pieces and, of course, fabric wouldn’t be so tedious with a dedicated work table. As it is, we’re working on a cardboard measuring board on our bed. No matter how careful, something manages to get wrinkled in the break down and set up process for each work session.

We’ve completed the pattern modifications for both his shirt and my dress except for one element of the dress I’m still working out in my head. I think, as of last night, muslin mock-up shirt is cut out and ready to sew. Once the muslin versions are sewn up, we’ll make any modifications to the patterns before working with the satin. It’s hard being a girl. I still have the lining for the bodice and sleeves to cut, plus the skirt. Maybe it’s fair my project will take longer because I have more time to work on it. So, it’s not terribly hard being me.

With any luck, next week, I’ll be able to post a picture of me in the mock up dress, either in a fully or partially completed state.

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    February 7th, 2012

  2. I agree. When we picked out the board and iron, we’d looked at a caddy for the board and iron, but went with an over the door board instead. It would be nice to have the iron itself hung up in such a way it could be plugged in and the cord come down. Mostly, I’d love to have a queen or king sized bed surface that wasn’t, you know, our bed, so we could leave projects set up between sessions of work sessions.

    February 7th, 2012

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