Christmas Wreath 2013

Christmas Wreath 2013

I’ve been busy trying to un-Grinch myself.

For various reasons which simply don’t matter to the story at hand, I don’t an attachment for holiday celebrations. I don’t like that about myself, so I’ve been working to let the act of merry making infect my heart. Unlike the Grinch himself who’s heart grew three sized that day, I’ve been unfolding a bit more good cheer each Christmas for the last few years.

I’m not sure I’m entirely there, but I did have fun decorating this year. We bought a little 4 foot tree and some door stuff, but the inspired bit I’m all excited about is the wreath I tricked out. Chris had it before we were together and someone else had put some holiday themed ribbons and “stuff” on it, but it was not at all my style, so I took it back to square one and made it over in my own image. Isn’t that one of the benefits of being the wife, after all?

It was not until after I had the whole thing together I thought I should have taken pictures of the materials in their original forms before pulling things apart and putting it back together. So much for my career as a craft blogger. Since I mostly wanted to show off the goods and my creativity, I decided to nab the pictures from to show the “before” with the “after” instead of set it up like a tutorial. If anything, I would rather inspire others to look available items for their component parts to create something unique than to suggest a copy-cat of my idea (although I would be flattered and have included links to the items I used).

Three bows and a button center

The only item not from a trip to Lowes a few weeks ago is the silver button in the middle of the bow. I used the big read bow which didn’t look as nice as the picture on on, plus two of the six pack bows and the button from my stash. The red and white bows are simply one “upside down” and one “right side up” from each other with the button in the center to make it look finished.

The other choice I made that I’m very excited about was to go asymmetrical. I bent one “stock” of bulbs and fixed it in place with the ribbon – there’s a little fabric glue in a spot or two – and between the branches before picking the “flowers” off the other to strategically place around the other side of the wreath. They are simply wrapped around the wreath with the wire in the “stems” of each bulb. I like that because if I decide to go for another look at some point, the base is undamaged.

I’m giddy over the results which combine some of my favorite Christmas things; Specifically colorful lights and red & white motif. It’s whimsical and cheerful. It’s NOT stuffy or formal. Made over in my own image? I think I nailed it.

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Living Assorted 30-in Multicolor Bulb Pick

Holiday Living Assorted Sheer Bow Decorative Bow

Holiday Living Traditional Decorative Bow

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