Project (365-x): From Under My Umbrella

My favorite tree on my lunch break walk route is beautiful even in bleak weather

My bloggy friend Cass of Midlife Musings has inspired me to post more pictures on my blog this year. She’s embarking on a Project 365 to take and post a picture every day of 2014. She’s done it in several previous years, effectively showing the story of her life to readers and friends. I’m excited to see what she posts this year.

I am drawn to the idea of posting pictures of daily life, but I’ve learned I don’t succeed in challenges committing to every day tasks. I end up letting the whole thing go because I can’t do it perfect, so I need a little more wiggle in my projects. I’m also interested in posting less on Facebook and more here on my blog where I own the content. For both of these goals, I have decided to dub my picture posts “Project (365-x)” with x representing the number of days in the coming year I don’t take and/or post a picture. Hooray for algebraic expressions. The whole idea ties nicely into my theme for the year: Expression without pinning me into a rigid format. I might even consider taking some better pictures as the year rolls along, but in many ways, I don’t see photography as the *point* of the project. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

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  1. Let’s just say I have TRIED for several years. Like you, I slip and ditch. Here’s to getting back on the wagon without demanding perfection.

    January 3rd, 2014

  2. Perfection is overrated. I’d rather have fun doing something imperfectly.

    January 3rd, 2014

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