Saturday 9: Copacabana

Saturday 9: Copacabana

I’d guess almost no one is Unfamiliar with Copacabana, but just in case:

1) This song refers to the merengue and the cha-cha. Are you a good dancer? Not at all. I’m super awkward but have been known to dance anyway on occasion. I even own a copy of Just Dance 3 (affiliate link) for Wii.

2) Dances like the merengue and cha-cha are featured on Dancing with the Stars. Are you a loyal DWTS viewer? I’ve never seen an episode. Nor have I seen American Idol, America’s Got Talent or any other such reality elimination show. I just don’t see the appeal.

3) The Copa girl in the song, Lola, wears yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there. If we were going to the clubs tonight, what would you wear? I bought new shoes today, so obviously my new blue velvet flats. Cute, no? I imagine I’d pair them with this little burgundy dress with sheer sleeves.

4) The real Copacabana nightclub was on East 60th Street in New York. It was used as a setting for the movie Goodfellas. Do you have a favorite mobster movie? Not sure I’ve ever seen anything that’s technically a classic “mobster” movie. No, not even The Godfather. I guess old school Quentin Tarantino flix Reservoir Dogs might be the closest I’ve could come up with as a favorite.

5) Our featured artist, Barry Manilow, has unfortunately spent a great deal of this young century in the hospital — broken nose, face lift, chest pains and two hip surgeries. Tell us about your most recent trip to the doctor, ER, or dentist. My last doctor’s visit was primarily for a pap and pelvic exam with a side of follow up on medication dosing. I go back in a couple weeks to follow up on the blood pressure medication again. I’ve been checking it and with the higher dose of medication, I’m getting readings in the normal zone.

6) Manilow told US Magazine that he enjoys nude sunbathing. Have you ever skinny dipped or sunbathed au naturel? Skinny dipped, yes. Sunbathed, no. I highly recommend swimming au naturel. It feels like total freedom. I’m far too pale to be exposed to direct sunlight in delicate areas.

7) Before he became famous as a performer, Manilow was a very successful jingle writer. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there …” and “You deserve a break today at McDonald’s …” were his. Tell us about a TV commercial you saw recently. We haven’t had cable in over three years and seldom flip over to the HD antenna. When I do see commercials either while using a streaming service with ads or visiting someone with TV service, commercials seem like an artifact from another time.

8) The Manilow faithful are known as Fanilows and proudly wear Barry hoodies, wristwatches and even dog tags. Do you have any clothes that feature a recording artist? Nope. I’ve got an ever growing collection of geek shirts in large part thanks to TeeFury‘s daily designs for only $11. Nothing music related. I’m slightly afraid to count up my Doctor Who t-shirts.

9) In 2005, Manilow refused to respond when Larry King inquired about his sexuality. Do you think it’s rude for interviewers to ask personal questions? Or is it something a performer should expect because it goes with the job? I don’t have a problem with the questions being asked however the interviewee is well within their rights to leave personal questions unanswered. With that said, I tend to feel the refusal to answer questions about sexual orientation is an answer in itself. Who’s ever done that and been shown later to be straight? Plus, even with as much progress as we have made as a culture in accepting LGBTQ people, there’s still a long way to go. Particularly kids and teens who are gay or simply thought to be gay by their peers have higher rates of depression, self-harm and suicide than straight kids. It seems a bit irresponsible for people in the public eye to deny or make a big deal out of their sexuality. Tell your truth and move on, I say, because the more people stand up, the fewer people will care.

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  1. Love your answer to #9. Really, I thought it was perfect. And the shoes are adorable! I love the So brand because they’re not only cute, they’re affordable. I hate it when I bust my budget on a new pair of shoes and then gouge them or wreck the heels or something. I’m not afraid to wear So.
    The Gal Herself recently posted..Saturday 9My Profile

    March 23rd, 2014

  2. Your answer is well thought out from the standpoint of standing up for LGBT rights and for encouraging teens who are struggling with those issues. My thoughts are that the question was asked for other reasons, those being ratings wars. Because it shouldn’t be an issue of adding to someone’s ratings, and Larry King was playing that game, I think it was beyond merely rude to ask it.

    I am going to steal those cute little shoes. You should put them in a safe place! j/k. They are so adorable. You have Dr. Who T’s too? So jealous!
    zippi recently posted..Monday Music,: B-B-Boston! “More Than a Feeling” and MeMe apologies!My Profile

    March 25th, 2014

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